We've got rules

A few days ago, I was browsing the Harrods Website looking for Tube directions (we ended up walking) when I came across something very strange: Visitor Guidelines.

Yes, they actually tell you what you can and cannot wear. It's slightly ridiculous, I know, but at a place like Harrods can do whatever it wants!

I know. I couldn't stop laughing. Can you imagine if Macy's had a set of guidelines? I do NOT think this would go over very well at the Owings Mills mall in Maryland, although the clientele are a little                                                                                           different here.

Here are the guidelines, found on the Harrods Website:

At Harrods we are committed to providing our visitors with a wonderful experience that exceeds expectations.

Whilst we celebrate and embrace individuality, it is of utmost importance that every single visitor that passes through our doors has a positive and pleasurable experience they remember.

It is for these reasons that Harrods kindly asks all visitors to:

  • Ensure all clothing is clean and presentable and that the appropriate footwear is worn whilst in the store.
  • Refrain from wearing clothing which may reveal intimate parts of the body, or which portrays offensive pictures or writing.
  • Not wear crash helmets anywhere in the store.
  • To carry rucksacks in your hand rather than on your back or shoulder. This is both to prevent damage to displays and for health and safety reasons. Harrods provides a left luggage service at small cost, should the bag be too heavy to carry.
  • Refrain from eating and drinking, except in our cafés and restaurants. There are over 30 eateries in-store. View restaurants »
  • Not take photos in the Fine Jewellery, Banking Hall or Antique Furniture Department, the Fine Jewellery, Banking Hall or Antique Furniture Department, or in any area within the store where photography or filming may not be appropriate. This is for security reasons.
  • There are periods, when the store is at its busiest, that Harrods has to take the difficult decision to deny access to tour parties and larger groups of visitors. This is done in the interest of health and safety.

My favorite rule is the one about "crash helmets." I wonder if they've had issues with this before!

Some final pieces for London

I've been in search of the perfect "London coat" for a while now. While I have a long, black puffer coat, I wanted something a bit more sleek for my adventures abroad. I took a few hours on Thursday after a final to look for a coat at the mall, but returned homed stressed and unimpressed.

After drooling over a beautiful coat on JCrew's website (they only sell their petite sizes online) for the past few weeks, I finally gave in and decided to buy it. I was slightly hesitant to purchase something so substantial as a coat online, especially with limited return time before London, but decided it was my only option. I was worried that I'd have to buy a black coat, which is definitely not my thing, so I asked my friend Eric for his opinion. He told me a color would suit me better, and that I could still be a grownup in a non-black coat. So...I bought this:

red coat

I think this coat is beautiful, classy and very Alana. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Cross your fingers and hope that it fits! I think it will look adorable with a nice pair of earmuffs (maybe Burberry inspired?), or a black or white hat. (Thanks Dad and Donna- I love my birthday present!)

Well, after buying the red coat, I thought my search was over...until I logged into Rue La La and saw they were having a sale on Betsey Johnson. I loved the heart shaped buttons on so many of Betsey Johnson's coats, and with some more friendly encouragement (this time from my friend Joey), I made another purchase.

This one is a lighter material and  a major score- I had a $30 credit thanks to friends making purchases on Rue La La via my invite code, which made the final cost (with shipping) $58.00...down from $260.00!

betsey johnson coat
I think this coat will be great for the spring. I'll pair it with skinny jeans and flats...or knowing me, more likely heels. I'm glad I've finished my pre-London shopping- it's been stressful, but definitely fruitful :)

Wardrobe Building for London

French connection

Check out the awesome items I scored at French Connection last week. The pink dress was definitely the best purchase- $41.00 down from $168.00!! I was extremely impressed with my sale finding abilities- the total price for all three items came to less then the original price of the pink dress! I figure these will all be great additions to my London wardrobe, perfect to pair with other items I already had in my closet.

Plus, the internship coordinator finally emailed me back with some more specific dress code information- she said I can wear jeans and a "smart" top most days, and that I should also bring a few pencil skirts to wear to meetings. I'm hoping pencils skirts can also mean cute dresses. Now that I have a better idea of what I need to bring, packing will be a lot easier!

Which would you choose?

Picture 4

As a result of today's rainy weather and the fact that I accidentally handed in my final paper two days early (maybe I should start writing the wrong due dates in my calender for all my future assignment), I had plenty of time to: eat Hershey's Kisses, watch Soap Net, play scrabble with Megan and browse my new favorite site, 6pm.com. Thanks to Kristan for introducing me to this gold mine!

I was immediately intrigued when I saw 70% off on all French Connection items.

Which is how I found the blazer above- I think it would look perfect paired with my favorite boots and  a pair of leggings. Anyway, the blazer on the left is currently retailing for $119.00, on sale, at FCUK; the blazer on the right (also FCUK, I might add) is currently $50.40 at 6.pm...and they have it in a size 0. 

And now I feel inspired: I want an over-sized blazer, one that looks good on my tiny frame. It should be classic, tailored and durable. I think this one might be it.

Should I make the investment?

My Fashion Godmother

Last night I had a much needed conversation with my dear friend, Mary. I first met Mary two summers ago when I interned at Bill Me Later in Baltimore. Although Mary lives in Chicago, she'd come into the BML office every few weeks for meetings. I'm not sure how she ended up sitting with me at my desk, but every time she came into Baltimore, she was right there in my cubicle...at least between meetings.

Mary is probably the most fashionable person I know- she's my size, yet still manages to find clothes that are cute and appropriate for work. Mary and I used to go out for lunch, talk about our embarrassing love for Uggs and her travels around the world. I even spent a few days with Mary in Chicago after Blogher. She took me to high tea and introduced me to Bellinis and I felt like the most fabulous and classy lady in the entire world.

Though we don't talk as often as I'd like, I know that Mary is always there if I need her. Mary is a bit older than me, so I'm pretty sure she knows everything. That's why I frantically called her about my lack of Armani-appropriate clothing for London.

And you know what? She was perfectly calm and told me exactly what she would pack if she was in my situation. She told me she could picture the outfits I should bring in her mind, and described some key pieces I should find before I go to London.

The best part? She offered to lend me some of her fabulous clothing. At first I was a bit hesitant. I mean, she offered up her Prada boots. PRADA BOOTS!! I have never been near anything Prada in my life... (Unfortunately, even though Mary is currently in Baltimore, her Prada boots are back in Chicago.)

BUT...she will be leaving  me a DVF wrap dress. I think it'll be the perfect outfit for my first day at work. Plus, Mary may even come to retrieve her dress visit me in London. 

Here's my interpretation of Mary's London Picks. Now, before you freak out about the $800 shoes, keep in mind, this is just a guide for the types of things I should be looking for. And hey, if I'm making the guide, I might as well put in the best ;)

Forgive me? A massive Sunday Confessional

Sadie's princess bed

How could you say no to this face?

Ok, I'm the first to say that I hate when bloggers apologize when they take blogging breaks, yet for some reason, I'm doing it right now. It's just that finals are approaching, I have a paper to write and my room is an absolute mess.

I'm freaking out about what to wear in London. I'm extremely tickled that Jaime decided to help me via her Style you Sunday post...but I still haven't found the perfect black shift dress. (Although, I did buy this one on sale at Banana Republic- a place where I NEVER shop. And um, it was only $25!) I still don't know what shoes to pack- I definitely cannot transport my entire boot collection. I don't know if I should invest in a new coat- one that is cute but actually fits and will keep me warm. I love this one from JCrew, but it's just so expensive even with the 30% off discount and free shipping.

I spent my weekend getting hit on by uber-Christian boys on the T, indulging in pop rock garnished drinks with friends and making my roommates sandwiches. I can't stop burning my tongue on hot tea and don't understand how I had an allergic reaction to a turkey sandwich last night...it must have been the condiments. I can't stop scratching- it's either fleas or allergy related.

My online scrabble obsession is turning into full on addiction. I haven't made my bed in about 25 years, which is hard to do, considering I'm not yet 22. I need to stop buying lattes. I miss cuddling with my non-existent boyfriend. My dark green nail polish is chipping and looks terrible.

I want to celebrate my 22nd birthday in London with the queen. Yes, the queen of England. I want her to come to a tea party. Ha. Wouldn't that be the best?

I'm about to listen to Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me" because it reminds me of someone special. It's the third time I've played it since last night.

I told myself I would start working on my paper at 9:00. It's now 9:38. Ugh.

Wish List: Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor Loft, or, as I like to call it, "The Loft," is my go-to grownup clothing store. The first time I shopped there, I was looking for corporate clothing that was both cute and appropriate. I also didn't want to look like a little girl playing dress up. The Loft works for me because I fit into their smallest size and I don't look ridiculous. The petite section is amazing and might just be my happy place.

Want to know my secret: never buy anything at full price. (Well, unless you must have it immediately, but try to avoid it.) Sure, it's a little risky to wait, but there stuff always goes on sale.

Hope you enjoy my picks below: