Fall Essentials: Burgundy Heels

I've always felt that red heels have a place in every girl's closet (or in my case, shoe wall), but it wasn't until recently that I realized I could use a pair for things other than parties and events. While the traditional red heels (also know as FMRs)  are more sexy than practical, a pair in burgundy with a less intense heel actually works very well at the office.

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I promise I'm capable of more than just buying shoes, but...

This was a very shoe filled Thanksgiving. As my mom called me in a recent email, I'm definitely a "boot girl." We picked out these flowered Uggs at Marshall's for just $99, a slightly steep price, but a real steal for Uggs.

Picture 1

Even if you're not a fan of Uggs, you have to admit, these are pretty fun! I was actually stopped by two employees at a shoe store who creepily stared at my shoes and finally asked me about them. They were absolutely SHOCKED when I told them the price.

I've been killing my feet in heels for the past few months, and after solidly REFUSING to buy a new pair of Uggs (every fashion blogger's worst nightmare), I gave in and got these. Well, technically, my mom bought them for me as an early birthday present. (Thanks Mommy, you can borrow them when I'm home for break- I promise!) I'll have to pair them with a cute outfit, because honestly, you probably still think they're ugly. (I promise you, they're not!)

Then there was the stop at Target with my dad and stepmom. Technically, we only went their to pick up some Zyrtec-D for my allergies, but we ended up filling up an entire cart! My dad helped pick out these guys for me:

suede black booties black buckle boots


...and at just $30 a pop, I was pretty proud of our purchases! Did I mention the first pair are real suede? Thanksgiving weekend was DEFINITELY a success! Thanks mom/dad/Donna for indulging my shoe habit!

Pink Thursday: Reader Submissions

You know you're a pink-blogging superstar when your readers startsending you unsolicited Pink Thursday submissions! I thought it was sweet when Aunt Sharon sent me an email with pink shoes (and another email today with pink flowers), exciting when Ilana sent me a link to a pink sun jar and super cool when Elyssa sent me a photo of her roommate's nails. What's weird is that they all sent me things within the past two weeks.

What a treat!

091001_gen_womens_3a  SUK_008_n2

Watermelon nails
Nordstrom, elsewares, and my cousin Elyssa

Thank you ladies so much for thinking of me :) And hey, here's a crazy idea:  if anyone wants to submit their pink finds or photos...Email Me!