A Little Link Love For Ya!

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Random photo from Daddy for a random post...

Hey guys, a while back I shared with you a list of really awesome links. Well, the links are starting to pile up in my delicious account, so I thought I would share them with you!

Here are my top 10:

  • Shop Ruche - I love "window shopping" at this fun online boutique.
  • Becky Kazana on Etsy- definitely check out her adorable illustrations. When you're done with that, take a spin through her blog, The Fab Miss B. I first checked out Becky's  blog because my mom sometimes calls me "Miss B." I prompltly added it to my google reader :)

So those are my links for today. Do you have any great links to share?

"What can you make me that's vegetarian and doesn't have nuts?"

Last night I met A at the T stop near his house. Because it's not my first time visiting him in Cambridge, we've developed a system. Whenever I come to “his side of the river,” I make sure to call him when my train is two stops away from his apartment. That way, he has enough time to arrive at the T-stop precisely when I arrive. (Actually, I usually get there about 20 seconds before him, which gives me just enough time to fix my hair, try to look pulled together and pretend that I hadn't arried first.)

He's really quite adorable, picking me up at the T-stop so I don't have to walk alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood. So when I saw him walking towards me yesterday, goofy smile and all, I couldn’t help but smile myself.

We grabbed dinner at a nice restaurant close by. At first, I felt a bit nervous because the (very) sparse menu offered few things I could eat. For all intents and purposes, I’m pretty much a vegetarian with a nut allergy. While I was a bit uncomfortable, I didn't want to let A know. The restaurant was so nice and I was just so happy to see him that I didn't want to ruin anything. Fortunately, the chef prepared the sweet potato casserole sans-almond garnish especially for me. The presentation was beautiful and the food delicious.

While I'm sure we could have spent a few more hours talking and laughing together, we had to cut the night short so A could finish a paper for work. Damn that boy, having legitimate excuses and everything- it’s so hard to get frustrated with him when I know he's making scientific discoveries and helping people!

This is one of my favorite photos. Becca and I had just dissected a sheep's brain (eww, but at the same time so cool!) for our 12th grade neuroscience class. I single handedly destroyed the cerebellum by ignoring the directions to "gently scrape" away at the outside of the brain with the knife. What can I say, it was taking too long, so I started digging. How was I supposed to know I'd destroy the whole thing? This is why I'm going into PR and not becoming a neurosuregon. 

I think I scare away the boys

I'm pretty sure the boy I sit next to in Natty-D is afraid of me. I introduced myself a few weeks ago and we usually exchange small talk before class begins. He knows my name and I know his name. Therefore, we're practically married.

I mean, Natty-D is super boring, so you have to get to know the people around you. It's pretty hard to remain silent when the teacher shows a slide of  1/2 meter long fossilized T-rex poop. And no, this was not a trail of small poops, but one huge piece of dinosaur shit.

Most people bring sudoku to class to pass the time; I try to get to know the people around me. Here's how today's conversation went:

G3B: I snagged these M&M cookies from the d-hall. You want a piece?

Greg*: No thanks.

G3B: Do you have something against M&Ms?

20 minutes later

G3B: Are you afraid of me?

Greg looks over my 4'11" figure.

Yes. It's your sheer size.

But seriously, I think I intimidate him.

G3B + Natty D 4-eva!

I have a test in Natural Disasters tomorrow. I'm terrified. I can't even look at the material it stresses me out so much. The only positive thing I can think of that is slightly related: Megan and I decided to start referring to the class as Natty D. Sort of sounds like a beer, no? Wonder why...


So, if I put myself in the shoes of the Utz girl (because she's cute and I like her bow)...does that mean Natural Disasters is proposing to me? Uh oh...