Listed: My week

{Bye snow! It's almost April and I am sooo ready to whip out my favorite sundress and peep-toe heels. PS- this picture is from my birthday weekend. Thank goodness the snow has since melted.}

What a busy week! If you've noticed, I haven't really written that much about my personal life this week. Well, that's because A LOT of stuff has been going on. While I have enough blog fodder for at least 10 different posts, I think I should boil it all down to a 10-part list.

1) Things on the boy front: bad.

2) My teacher loved my Audrey Hepburn project and is putting it on display!

3) I had my much anticipated housing appointment yesterday and will be living in a brand spanking new apartment next year. I'll have my own room, a beautiful view and most importantly, a kitchen. I can't wait to start using my old recipe notebook again. It's currently somewhere at home, its chocolate spattered pages just waiting to be opened. The last time I used it was back in Israel.

4) Megan's mom gave me a box of pizzelle cookies :)

5) I met made friends with a pseudo-celebrity yesterday in class. Normally, I sit next to a really sweet girl named Tina, but yesterday there was a guy in her normal seat. I of course struck up conversation. I then found out that this kid is not only a sports model, but also spent some time on the set of  Scrubs with my favorite Jewish boy- Zach Braff! Ok, so he's probably not my favorite Jewish boy, but he is pretty funny. Oh, and I saw pictures.

6) I had a really annoying test today. I'm just glad it's over.

7) I received two packages in the mail, the first from my old high school ( a Passover survival kit) and another from in the TV station. More on that later :)

8) My room is a mess. This only happens when I'm a) super stressed or b) super busy. This week, I was both.

9) The girl getting my coffee this morning at Starbucks greeted me by saying "Hello sir. What can I get you." I was only slightly offended. I'm pretty sure I don't look like a boy. At all. Maybe it was because I wasn't facing her, but still. Curious.

10) I learned about rosary beads from a cute Catholic boy. He also shared with me his vast knowledge of Judaism: "Wait, so on Saturday, Jews can't drive cars or watch sports, right?" Haha. Whatever, he's hot.

Just another Pink Thursday in Boston

Today's Disappointments: 

1) The lady at Starbucks gave me a piece of marble pound cake instead of the lemon load I asked for (which is my absolute favorite!)

2) I'm stuck in Boston until Saturday evening because of a stupid Saturday final. Who does that?

3) I'm just now taking a break from 5 1/2 hours of studying for Natty D

4) My room is a mess

5) I need to do laundry/pack/clean/empty the fridge before Saturday afternoon

Today's Excitement:

1) Hillel had Caesar falafel wraps today

2) Natty D is starting to make sense (kind of)

3) We totally commandeered the board room in Hillel for studying and drew tons of diagrams on the white board

4) I have a holiday party to go to with my very sweet and very nice "date"

5) My head no longer hurts from Izzy's straightener randomly falling on it last night.

6) I got another Sara Mlynowski book yesterday and may do some reading before tonight's festivities  :)

A "Cher" moment

I totally had a "Cher" moment today. No...I'm not talking about the fashion-challenged singer, but rather the ditsy valley girl from Clueless.

Let me explain:

Yesterday, I was devastated when I got a less than extraordinary grade on a paper. My week  had been super stressful already, so needless to say, I was very upset, so I decided to meet with my teacher.

Well, today, I was pleasantly surprised: my paper went up an entire letter grade. I was ecstatic! It was just the pick me up I needed, so I called my parents to give them the good news. My dad said he was really proud of me, not only for the good grade, but also because I'm learning to assert myself and "grab the bull by the horns."

It's kind of like when Cher got really bad grades on her report card, and somehow managed to convince her teachers to change them. Read the conversation between Cher and her dad- you'll understand.Images

Mel: You mean to tell me that you argued your way from a C+ to an A-?
Cher: Totally based on my powers of persuasion, you proud?
Mel: Honey, I couldn't be happier than if they were based on real grades.

Haha- mine was based on a real grade, but still...Cher was kind of fabulous and I wouldn't mind being like her- she did have that fabulous closet!


Take me hooooome!

After a grueling weekend of shopping, procrastination, french toast and hockey players, I've finally finished my 12-16 page paper...sort of.

It's currently 14 pages long, but definitely needs some major editing. The good news: I'm handing this baby in one Tuesday, and then it's off to B-more for Thanksgiving.

That means lots of family time, shopping trips to loehmann's, plus, I get to finally meet Peewee!

I can't wait to bust out of Boston.

Baltimore, here I come (in 3 days)!

The downfall of a smart girl: how I got a 44% on a midterm

...gotcha! You guys were terrified for me, weren't you? Well, I was pretty terrified too when I saw the 44/100 on the bottom of the computer screen. Fortunately, after further research, I realized that my grade was so low because I typed "t" and "f" instead of "true" and "false" for the first section of the test.

I must admit, I panicked a little when I saw a 0% next to an entire section of questions. Don't worry, I actually got most of them correct, and my teacher is going to accept my "t's" and "f's" and change my score.