Pink Ruffle Trench

DSC_0080DSC_0089This pink, ruffled trench has played a recurring role in my wardrobe since I picked it up at the Wilson's Leather Outlet this summer. The hue and detailing are both very "Alana", so it was obvious to me when I saw this gorgeous coat that it needed to make its way into my closet. Plus, at 50% off the outlet price, I really couldn't say no.

DSC_0129With the weather getting colder, I'm not sure I'll be wearing this gem for much longer. Good thing it's perfectly colored for spring!

DSC_0123So glad we decided to bring the camera to the dog park. How beautiful does Maggie look during the magic hour? It's like she glows!

Wish List: Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor Loft, or, as I like to call it, "The Loft," is my go-to grownup clothing store. The first time I shopped there, I was looking for corporate clothing that was both cute and appropriate. I also didn't want to look like a little girl playing dress up. The Loft works for me because I fit into their smallest size and I don't look ridiculous. The petite section is amazing and might just be my happy place.

Want to know my secret: never buy anything at full price. (Well, unless you must have it immediately, but try to avoid it.) Sure, it's a little risky to wait, but there stuff always goes on sale.

Hope you enjoy my picks below:

Spring fashion via the (little) girls' department

When I picked up my 9-year-old today from the playground, I noticed her adorable yellow trench coat. It was the perfect springtime jacket, lightweight, bright and adorable. It also happened to look very, very familiar. Yup, I'd tried on the same jacket in the girl's section at Macy's on a previous shopping trip.

Yes, I admit it, sometimes I check out the girl's section. I'm tiny enough to fit into the clothes, so why not? Plus, everything is a lot cheaper. Needless to say, it would have been slightly embarrassing if I'd showed up to the playground wearing the same coat as a 9-year-old. What would the other babysitters and mother's have thought? Good thing I passed it up.

Picture 1 
I desperately tried to find a photo of my 9-year-old's coat, but apparently Macy's doesn't sell it online. And that's when I found this beautiful kid's coat from Juicy. Too bad it costs $198.

Also, thanks everyone for all your support yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better today.