Love for 10 Things

Sigh. This facebook status/comment thread made me very happy. I forced Pinkey to stay up late and watch 10 Things I Hate About You with me last night. It was fantastic. Plus, I realized I've memorized many misquotes from the movie. I've been misquoting for so many years, I don't think I'll be able to change my ways.

Picture 1

In addition, @lovelyanomaly and I shared some of our favorite quotes on Twitter. My brother and I also continued the quote love via gchat. Good times :)

Minnesotans are Sexy

Tonight the roommates and I gathered around the TV for popcorn and movie night. We ended up watching the new Rene Zellweger movie, New in Town, which is surprisingly hysterical. It takes place in super rural Minnesota, where the locals love scrapbooking, meat loaf and hunting. They wear flannel shirts, have interesting hair say "doncha know."

What makes it even funnier is that two of my roommates, Rachel L and Arielle, are from Minnesota. I've decided that Rachel, my nice, stylish bff will undergo this transformation as she ages:

Rachel        Blanche
                             Now...                                                            In 25 years...

Isn't her hair pretty? Rach, you're going to be such a MILF!

  Spring the movie!

Free! Free! Free!

I got vouchers to see a free movie today. Unfortunately, the vouchers didn't guarantee admittance to the film- by the time Becca and I arrived, the theater was already filled.

Man, I love free things.

Good thing I stopped into R.E.I. I picked up a business card in the store's vestibule. I was drawn by the cute, green bird and the prospect of "two FREE tracks on iTunes:


And you know, I'm all for free love, so I'm sharing it:

1. Go to iTunes
2. click on iTunes store
3. Go to "redeem" under "quick links"
4. Enter this code: AKAKNE3E7HYF

(I'm assuming this code will work for other people and that iTunes wants me to share this information for the cause...)

So why are they offering you free stuff- for the environment, of course! Check out their cause- it's pretty cool: Green Notes- Protect the Places We Play. Their CD even includes a song from one of my favs, Missy Higgins. Unfortunately, it's not one of the free ones...