Melange is not pronounced Mel-an-gee

Today I went to Starbucks (no I did not get coffee! I'm trying to wean myself off of  that poisonous substance...kind of) and got a salted caramel hot chocolate. Apparently, it's one of 3 drinks "made with a rich mélange of four exceptional cocoas."  First of all, what the hell is a melange? And wow, I just consumed 550 calories...

According to, melange, pronounced mey-lahnzh, means "a mixture" or "a motley assortment of things." Hmmm, I kind of want to try to make this word a part of my everyday life.

Let's see, how can I use this term....

"My group of friends contains a melange of characters."

"I would like to order a melange of h'ordeurves for the party."

"I said I wanted my ravioli to contain a melange of cheeses. This 1-cheese dish is unacceptable. Take it back or I'll write a nasty review of your restaurant on G3B!"

Can you incorporate this great word into your daily speech?