Sundress Week: Day 4- Pink Thursday Recap

Wow...yesterday was possibly the most fabulous day ever. Get ready, here's a list post:

1) My buddy Emily sent me a sundress picture via her Blackberry. I love technology, and I love that Em decided to participate in Sundress Week! Not only is her dress cute, it's also pink for Pink Thursday!


2) Yesterday marked my last class as a junior. Woohoo! I presented my final design project and I think it went pretty well. Basically, the assignment was to design 4 parts of a CD package: the front cover, the inside cover, the actual CD and the back cover.  Although most people worked with existing CDs, I decided to design my a cappella group's upcoming CD. Actually, we're recording today, which should be pretty fun. Sorry kiddos, I'm going to have to show you the actual design in a different post.

3) We got out of class 2 hours early, which gave me just enough time to get my new favorite spring Starbucks drink (grande shaken green tea, sweetened) and do some internship work.

4) It was Pink Thursday and so many of my friends and readers informed me that they wore pink. That made me so happy.

5) Cambridgeside Galleria hosted a really awesome FREE event called "Passport to Style." My friend Lana drove a bunch of us girls over to the mall where we stood in an absurdly long line to register. We were given wristbands and a welcome bag, as well as a piece of cardboard with an attached key. We were then directed to try to fit our key into the locks of two large trunks. If your key opened either of the trunks, you'd win whatever was inside.

Guess what? I won! Now, don't get too excited, I didn't win a new convertible or anything, but I did get movie passes to the new Matthew McConaughey movie. Plus, a photographer took my picture.

6) We got AWESOME swag bags at the event. They're huge and pink and perfect for a day at the beach. Plus, they were filled with tons of free stuff!

7) There were tables and vendors throughout the mall giving out free stuff and coupons. Riki and I even got a free wash and blow dry and a mini-makeover. Also, the guy who did my hair was probably the most awesome stylist I've ever met- he used to play baseball in the minor league! I made sure to give him a hug before I left.

8) One of the girls in my a cappella group brought an entire pizza from T-Anthony's to practice. It was left over from an event she'd attended and was absolutely delicious.

Of course I'll show you pictures from the soon as Rachel L emails me them. Have a great Friday!

So this is what I've been up to...

I've spent a lot of time on my computer today, yet still haven't managed to squeeze out a blog post. I hate to say it, but my life can't be interesting all the time. So, instead of telling you about the tour I gave today or about the yummy bagel I ate, I thought I'd share with you some of the wonderful non-G3B things I've been distracting myself with on the computer.

1) My design homework- try not to judge it too harshly, this is my first real project:

Picture 2

If you look closely, you'll see the lyrics to one of my favorite songs

2) Madberries, a really amazing contest site recommended by A Girl Must Shop

3) The 15 dollar store- everything (including things from one of my favorite designers) is $15. I liked this dress:

Ok, that's enough. Megan's trying to get me to listen to/like Coldplay. I can't focus.