Rebecca Revisited

My new cousin...REBECCA, with Lauren (who turns 11 today!) and Donna

I don't know if I've told you about my new obsession with When I found out that Pandora started limiting the amount of music I could enjoy to 40 hours a month (which is ridiculous, because there are 40 hours in a work week alone...), I made the switch.

I'm absolutely loving the music selection that the system chooses for me- my favorite stations currently are "Eric Hutchinson" and "Marie Digby."

It's because of that I discovered the song Rebecca, by Meg and Dia. As I sat at work, editing blog posts, the song lyrics caught my attention. I immediately clicked over to my window, and noticed the title of the song.

And then I had a thought- this "Rebecca" song was totally about a book I read in middle school called...Rebecca! I then wikipedia-ed "Meg and Dia" and found that many of their songs are based off of books, which I think is pretty fabulous.

So, not only do I now have a new girl group to check out, I also really want to re-read Rebecca. I'm DEFINITELY adding it to my reading list!

What book from your childhood do you want to revisit?

Some light reading

In keeping with the theme of alcohol and my upcoming birthday, I bring you a very fun book called Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher. Name sound familiar? That's because Ms. Fisher is actually Princess Leia, among many other things.

I remember reading a review of her book (which is also a one-woman show) in a magazine and wanting to check it out at B&N. Somehow, it came up in conversation with my step mom who also wanted to read the book. Well, she surprised me and bought it!

The book is a quick read with lots of photos from throughout Fisher's life. She's a hysterical writer who's been through a ton- divorce, alcoholism, mental illness, losing her husband to a man... While this sounds like a book filled with deep, serious subject matter, which essentially, it is, Fisher puts a comedic spin on all of her problems, making them more laugh worthy than depressing. You bet your own problems will seem pretty petty after reading about her train wreck of a life.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to laugh at other people's problems. Plus, it's currently 30% off at Barnes and Noble and would make a great coffee table book.

I love chick lit. Don't make fun of me.

Ok, so  a few days ago I went to Barnes and Noble on campus to take advantage of the 20% student holiday discount. I bought some presents for the familia and made an impulse buy for myself. I haven't had a chance to do much reading recently, and actually haven't completed the book I started at the beginning of the semester- it's good, but clearly not as exciting as it should be, otherwise I would have finished it already.

So, I picked up this book called Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski. I think it was the tagline that got me:

 "A novel about breakups, boyfriends and BFFs."


And it takes place in Boston, which is definitely a plus. I know, I know, it's slightly embarrassing that I read fluff instead of intellectual books. But I have this theory- there are enough bad and upsetting things going on in the world, so why should I spend my free time focusing on difficult emotions, when I could be reading happy things. This goes for movies as well.

Apparently I really liked the book, because I stayed up until one reading it and this morning. I woke up strangely happy and not stressed about my final (which went pretty well, I think). I didn't even have a "book hangover." 

A what? A book hangover-I'm pretty sure this is a term my dad made up. It's that awful feeling you get after you finish a book and aren't ready for it to be over...

Anyway, I defnitely recommend this book if you're looking for something fun in the form of a distraction. It's a quick read and made me laugh- what more could you ask for in a book. If you want to borrow it, I'm all for sharing :)

Or, you can spring the Amazon link. Love it!

Spring It!