Sunday Confessional: My Dog Ate my Hamantashen

A few days ago, I received the following email from my dog, Sadie in Baltimore:

Dear Sister Alana,

I have a confession and I hope you'll forgive me.  Today, Mommy was baking all morning and it was … tantalizing.  It was … torture.  It was… tough.  I thought the couple hamantashen I snatched off the cooling rack would satisfy my cravings (that's in addition to the 10 hamantashen I ate last Friday), but alas, it didn't.  She left to take some hamantashen to the guys at BMC and for Myrna's boys, and she realized when she was in the car, that she left a package on the hoosier that she wanted to mail.

So, on her way to KSDS, she stopped home to get the package.  Boy was she mad, more mad than I think was necessary.  You see, I couldn't help myself.  When she left, I took the package, relocated it to the living room carpet (the scene of other similar events), and I opened it.  I removed the brown wrapping paper, took the lid off the box (which was taped shut), and lo and behold, there was an amazing assortment of hamantashen inside.  I had to make them mine!  In my defense, because I can't read (but can obviously type), I didn't know it was addressed to you and Eric.  Had I only known ….  Anyway, I'm sorry… and have a happy Purim!

-Sincerely yours, Sadie

P.S.  Mom will try to make some more for you and send them on Monday or Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the flavor choices are limited at this point (sorry again).

Hope this made you smile! I definitely had mixed feelings when reading it- laughed at the email, but also really, really wanted those hamantashen- they're delicious!