Labworks: Petite Friendly Collection @

431735_511298628883011_2079531650_nI saw the above posted on the Target Style Facebook page and was immediately intrigued. I clicked through to check out the Labworks collection (available exclusively online) and loved it! The pieces look like more stylized versions of classic pieces (the LBD, the sequin tank, etc) that could easily become wardrobe staples and the building blocks of tons of great outfits

Though the prices are a little higher than other pieces at Target (other than the designer collaborations), they're still way lower than similar pieces from other stores. Plus, they have a petite collection, which seems to include 21 different items.

You get free shipping if you spend $50 (which you'll hit if you buy 1-2 pieces) and I'm really looking forward to checking it out and reporting back!

Here are a few of my favorite petite options: