Gatsby Inspired Beaded Top

DSC_0004As soon as I saw this beautiful, intricately beaded top at Nordstrom Rack, I knew it had to be mine. Though I ignored it on the first shopping trip, it remained on my mind until I went back and finally purchased it. 

DSC_0002Also on my mind? Hanging this shirt up by an open window with daylight streaming in. I knew the lighting + sheer fabric would make for a beautiful photo. 

DSC_0005Doesn't it remind you of the roaring 20's? I feel like I'd blend right in wearing this to one of Jay Gatsby's famous soirees!

Best of all? The Nordstrom Rack price was half off the original price, so while it wasn't a steal, I still felt the satisfaction of seeing the 50% price drop. I can't wait to figure out how to wear it.

Here's a similar version by the same brand, Willow & Clay, that's just as cute...but twice the price ;) If you're looking to add a little 20's flair to your wardrobe, I highly recommend you head over to Nordstrom Rack- they had a few different sheer, beaded tops to choose from.