Midlength Hair Crisis + a Solution

image from farm7.static.flickr.comMy hair is so close to being out of that awkward, in between phase where I actually like the length. You see, a while ago I decided to get myself a bob, and then hated it and decided I needed to grow it back out. For the past month at least, my hair has been so horrible that I only wear it down when I'm sleeping. It falls a tiny bit below my shoulders and is a complete mess. I've been forced to wear it in a ponytail or a messy bun and it's gotten rather...boring!

A few weeks ago I remembered a hair tutorial I had tried on my much longer hair from Orchid Grey. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would work with my awkward 'do- and it kind of did! 

Instead of doing a french braid starting from the front of my head, I just did a "faux french braid" and actually twisted the hair, grabbing more and more hair as I went. I then twisted the remaining parts of my hair into a bun and pinned it like crazy.

Unfortunately, the bun didn't stay very well, but I'm hoping that hairspray and my new Goody Spin Pins (thanks for writing about them, Kileen!) will help.

What are your solutions for when your hair falls into that "in between" length?