The British Climbing Tree


If you grew up in Pikesville, you've definitely been to "the duck pond," also known as Druid Ridge Park. If you're over the age of 18, you probably remember going there for picnics and taking photos on what my family affectionately calls "the climbing tree."

Unfortunately for the children of Pikesville, the low branch of the climbing tree used for many a photo shoot was cut down and picnics were soon banned. My childhood memories were crushed.

That's why I was extremely excited when I spotted this tree on a recent roommate bonding expedition to Kew Gardens. I immediately made Maria take these photos, a somewhat difficult task that eventually helped her get over her fear of using the dreaded zoom on my camera.



I'm wearing:

Dress: Mango (from Granada)
VS Pink
Giorgio Armani, gift from internship



Maria is wearing:

Dress and cardigan: H&M
Shoes and sunglasses:
Bag: Nine West

There are TONS more photos on my Flickr, although most of them are flowers ;)

PS- Daddy, if you have any of those famous Brooks girls photos from the real climbing tree, email them to me- I'm sure everyone would love to see how cute we used to be!