I LIKE it!

FCUK contest

Usually when I get emails from French Connection, I quickly glance at the photos of clothing I can't afford and hope that my favorite pieces will soon go on sale. Today on the other hand, I actually clicked through because my FCUK email offered me the chance to win a spring wardrobe...cool!

Basically, you just create a profile on Sale.com and create a polyvore-esque collage with all French Connection pieces. Then, you simply have your friends "like" it and whoever gets the most likes wins. So go ahead and check out my collage!

I'd love it if you (facebook users) would give it a thumbs up! No pressure though, and hey, if you make your own collage let me know so I can "like" it too!

* * *

Speaking of liking, check out this new addition to my sidebar:

Picture 3

So I know you like The Good Girl Gone Blog, but now you can officially "like" it! How cool is that? Thanks Typepad/Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg!

* * *

I really like using Bloglovin to follow all of your blogs. I've made it my homepage, so when I open Firefox, I'm presented with a magazine-like assortment of blog excerpts that I can choose to mark as read, read right away or save for later!

I've developed a sort of organizational system where most of the blogs I read fall into the "style" category. I typically "like" giveaway posts so that they get neatly saved into a special "liked posts" section that I can refer to later. I also save some of my favorite posts so that I can share them with you on my blog. I totally recommend using Bloglovin...it's definitely making my blog reading experience a lot less chaotic!

* * *

So honestly guys, what are you liking today? Anything cool going on online? Anyone buy a fresh bouquet of their favorite flowers, try a new recipe or meet a handsome stranger?