Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $50

While Chanukkah may be coming to a close, Christmas is just around the corner! If you haven't had a chance to buy gifts for everyone on your list, have no fear- I've got you covered with last minute gifts for your mom, your wife, your best friend, etc. They're unique, fun and will surely earn you a solid hug and a big thank you.

These are all items I've either purchased as gifts, received as gifts or would like to receive as gifts, so you know they're good

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5 Dream Kitchen Upgrades

Let's talk about dream kitchens for a second. We all have a vision of the kitchen we'd love to have, but because of various factors (space, money, renting vs owning) we just can't. Today, I'm sharing a few items I'd love to have in my dream kitchen. A few are definitely out of the budget and have no place in a rental kitchen, while others I could actually see myself purchasing in the near future.

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