Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $50

While Chanukkah may be coming to a close, Christmas is just around the corner! If you haven't had a chance to buy gifts for everyone on your list, have no fear- I've got you covered with last minute gifts for your mom, your wife, your best friend, etc. They're unique, fun and will surely earn you a solid hug and a big thank you.

These are all items I've either purchased as gifts, received as gifts or would like to receive as gifts, so you know they're good

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5 Dream Kitchen Upgrades

Let's talk about dream kitchens for a second. We all have a vision of the kitchen we'd love to have, but because of various factors (space, money, renting vs owning) we just can't. Today, I'm sharing a few items I'd love to have in my dream kitchen. A few are definitely out of the budget and have no place in a rental kitchen, while others I could actually see myself purchasing in the near future.

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The Finishing Touch: a Moroccan Pouf

There are few spaces in our home that I'm more proud of than the living room/dining room. We've really taken our time in adding pieces we loved, replacing the initial "we just need to add stuff so the room isn't empty" furniture and filling our home with items that truly represent our style. Oversized Ottomans carried over from previous apartments have been swapped out and we upgraded our dining table to something that better fit the space. 

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