A Dogventure in Boston!

Thanks to DogVacay for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. Read more about this super cool company at the bottom of this post!

maggie in the car

August is adventure month over at DogVacay, and they've asked me to share a fun #dogventure with you. The best part about our dogventure? It all takes place in Boston! Our dogventure gave Maggie the opportunity to do some training, have some fun and meet new friends.

If you're willing to venture to two of the lesser known Boston neighborhoods, Roslindale and Hyde Park, you'll be able to experience the dog-friendly Boston that we've grown to love.

Below are 3 activities for a fun filled, dog-friendly morning:

walking in roslindale
roslindale parklet

1. Roslindale Village Parklet

Roslindale recently unveiled its first parklet,  which occupies a few parking spaces on Corinth St. It's one of just a few parklets in the entire city and a fantastic addition to our neighborhood. With a few tables, plenty of shade and even a vintage patio set, the parklet is a public space for the community, including dogs, to enjoy.

Grab an ice coffee and some treats (I recommend the cinnamon twist and Eric loves the ham + cheese croissant) from Fornax, a nearby bakery, and sit in the parklet with your pup. This is a great place to work on training-- among other people and dogs-- while you grab your morning fix.

We've been focusing a lot on keeping Maggie relaxed amidst the excitement of food, new people and sometimes dogs, and this definitely the place to do it.

Tip: Grab a cup of water from the bakery to keep your pup hydrated while you enjoy your breakfast!

stony brook reservation
maggie collage

2. Turtle Pond

Stony Brook Reservation's Turtle Pond is a true hidden gem. We stumbled upon it one day by accident, and were thrilled with our find. Just a 3 mile drive from our apartment, Stony Brook reservation is a gorgeous oasis within Boston. Park your car on the street and head up the path through the woods. After a few minutes, you'll find yourself at a large, gorgeous pond, perfect for swimming.

The pond is a popular spot for fishing, sunbathing and swimming, as well as a favorite among dogs and their owners. This activity is for dogs that are comfortable and well behaved off leash. Remember, if anyone is fishing on the dock, keep your dog out of the water for safety!

Tip: Head to the pond on the earlier side, as it tends to get crowded by midday.

maggie and eric on the dock

3. Roslindale Village Farmers Market

The farmers market may seem like an interesting choice for our dogventure, but it's actually one of Maggie's favorite spots. Full of smells, sounds, other dogs and adoring children, it's a great place for well behaved dogs. Many of the vendors have water bowls (all bursting with different tastes and smells) and dog treats to share. Plus, there's plenty of dropped crumbs on the ground to keep your pup happy.

The farmers market takes place every Saturday from 9 AM - 1:30 PM from June through the end of November. The vendor rotation changes, so while you'll see a bunch of the same faces week after week, there will always be a few surprises to keep things exciting.

Tip: Bring a reusable bag, you're going to be coming home with lots of goodies.

wild flowers
roslindale village farmers market
maggies new friend

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